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Y Club Road To Rio


A couple of months before the Olympics were due to start we thought it would be a good idea to get the Y Club members involved in the Olympic hype! So our crazy idea became a reality. We decided to cover the distance from the club to Rio. While the games were taking place we logged every members distance covered whether it be on the exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine, swimming or running outside of the club.

We had a distance of 5812 miles to cover and only 4 weeks to do it in!! It seemed an impossible challenge but I guess we never realized how special and how committed our members are. 179 members took part which was an amazing turnout.

Each member who took part would let the reception know what they achieved that session and then it would be logged on the computer. We had a flying start and covered nearly 2000 miles in the first week which was fantastic. We managed to smash the actual distance and in total we covered over 6150 miles in 3 ½ weeks.We must say a special thank you and well done to long standing member Ian Sidebottom who covered a total distance of 1506.94 miles on the exercise bike. What a fantastic achievement!

While we were trying to get to Rio we also had one small challenge every week.

Week one was 4 lengths of the swimming pool as fast as you can. 22 members took part.

1st Place was Thomas Connor with a fantastic time of 0:46:28 seconds

2nd Place was Steve Bossons with a fantastic time of 50:32:00 seconds

3rd Place was Lee Saylaby with a fantastic time of 0:51:34:00 seconds

Week 2 was the cycling challenge, 1 mile as fast as you can. 33 members took on this challenge.

1st Place was our very own Rich Brodie with an amazing time of 2:08:31

2nd Place was again our very own staff member Paul Ferrer with a fantastic time and just missing out on first place with a time of 2:08:87

3rd Place was James Martin with a superb time of 2:11:20

Week 3 was the running challenge, 4 laps of the running track as fast as you can. This was the biggest turnout with an amazing 45 members taking part.

1st Place was again our very own Y Club team member Paul Ferrer with a fantastic time of 1:02:62

2nd Place was Craig Jones with a fantastic effort of 1:09:13

3rd Place was Ashley Evens and narrowly missing out on second place with a fantastic time of 1:09:28

Week 4 was the rowing challenge, 800 meters as fast as you can. Of all the challenges this was the hardest one and only 15 members were brave enough to take it on.

1st Place with an unbelievable time of 2:36:16 was long standing member Dolton Adams.

2nd Place who just missed out on firstplace with an amazing effort of 2:37:44 was our very own Rich Brodie.

We would like to say a very big well done to each and every member who took part in the challenges. This was by far the biggest turn out from our members in any of the challenges we have run before. A truly fantastic effort from each and every one of you!

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