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Membership Information

What do the memberships include?

Your membership is like a golden ticket to the whole shebang! You get VIP access to the gym, pool, saunas, steam room, all the cool classes, the studio, sports hall, running track, and even our exclusive activity clubs. It’s the full works.

Can I restart my old membership?

We’d love to welcome you back any time. Just pop into reception to rekindle the magic of your old membership. We’ll set you up on the current rates and get you going again in no time!

Can I bring a guest?

Certainly can. Bringing pals along is a blast! With your membership, you’ve got the green light for 5 free day passes every year. Remember though that you’re responsible for your guests. Just bring them to the reception with some ID so they can sign a disclaimer and they are good to go.

But wait, there’s more. Keep an eye on the gym floor board for monthly challenges. Win, and you might snag some extra free passes for your squad.

Can I switch my membership to another one?

We try to be as flexible as our yoga instructors. If you’re on a rolling contract, you’re free to switch to a 12-month contract at any time. However, if you’re already on the 12-month train, we can’t jump tracks to a rolling one unfortunately.

Planning a change? Let us know at Reception or via e-mail, and we’ll make it happen, but give us a heads-up 14 days in advance. We’re here to make sure your membership fits like your favourite workout gear.

How many times can I come into the club in a day?

If you’re on a Peak membership then you are the captain of your fitness ship! Come on in as many times as your heart desires—it’s your home away from home!

Now, if you’ve got the off-peak membership, you can only access the gym before 15:45pm between Monday to Friday. No time limit on Saturday and Sunday though.

Can I refer a friend?

Of course! When you play matchmaker and refer a buddy, you’re in for a treat – a free month’s membership, and guess what? It’s unlimited! Refer 12 pals, and voila, you’ve just earned yourself a whole year of free gym goodness.

You can refer friends through the app, on our website, drop a virtual note to our reception team at membership@yclub.org.uk, or just spill the beans at the reception.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’re really bummed to hear you’re thinking of parting ways! But if you’ve made up your mind, then let us know by email (membership@yclub.org.uk) one-month before you want to leave. So for example, if you’re wanting to go at the end of June, let us know before May 31st.

Please don’t just cancel your direct debit with your bank without letting us know as you will still be a member of the Y Club and have outstanding payments with the club until you cancel via written notice. If you’re a prepaid member and want to bid us farewell before your time’s up, we can’t provide any refund.

Can I freeze my account?

Feel like taking a breather? You can freeze your membership for anywhere from two to six months. Just make sure you’ve got at least 28 days left on your membership and give us a heads-up with 14 days’ notice.


We do though charge a tiny admin fee of £5.00 per month. But here’s the cool part – the frozen months tag along with your minimum contract term. For example, if you’re on a 12 month contract and you freeze for 2 months, those two months will be added to the end of your contract meaning we’re lucky enough to have you for 14 months in total!

Ready to hit pause? Shoot us a quick email at membership@yclub.org.uk with your name and the dates you want to freeze, and we’ll work our magic. We’re here to make sure your fitness journey fits seamlessly into your life!

When does the direct debit payment come out?

Easy peasy! Your direct debit comes out on the 1st of each month to do its thing.

How do I sign into the club?

Checking into the club is a breeze. Just open your FitSense App and scan your personal QR Code from the check-in box.

To log onto the app, use the email you signed up with and your password. If you hit a snag or haven’t set up the app yet, no sweat! Our Reception team will be happy to help.

Not a fan of phones? No worries! We’ve got good old membership cards. Scan those in, and you’re good to go. No school like the old school.

Do you offer discounts for corporate memberships?

We’re all about corporate vibes! Check out this perk-packed deal:

For our fabulous corporate 12-month membership, it’s a cool £30 a month. And guess what? You’re not just getting a membership; you’re getting the full shebang – access to all facilities, plus all the classes your heart desires. It’s the ultimate fitness bonanza!

The catch? Well, you’ve got to join the party in-club, and we’ll need a sneak peek at that work ID of yours. But here’s the sweet kicker – gather 5 or more colleagues to join the Y Club, and you’ll unlock this awesome rate!

But wait, there’s more! We love spreading the fitness love. We can swing by your workplace for free health checks and even throw in a lunchtime fitness class. Want in? Shoot Jess an email at jess@yclub.org.uk for all the deets. Let’s make workplace wellness a thing!

What happens if one of my payments fails?

Oops, we get it, life happens! Here’s the lowdown on payment hiccups:

If a monthly payment takes a little detour, no stress – we’ll shoot you an email and a cheeky SMS to keep you in the loop. Now, if your payment does a little vanishing act, your account might throw up the arrears flag, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to waltz into the club until we patch things up.

No worries, though! You can settle any outstanding payments via the Fitsense app or flash your friendly face at the reception during your next visit – easy peasy!

Thinking of giving your bank details an update? Swing by the reception, and we’ll help you freshen up those digits. We’re here to keep the payment party smooth and stress-free!

Before You Join

How do I sign up?

Fantastic news – joining the Y Club is a breeze! Here’s the lowdown on diving into the fitness fun:

Signing up is quicker than whipping up a protein shake! Head over to our website for a seamless online experience, or if you’re feeling the in-person vibes, swing by the club. Our reception team is all set to guide you through the sign-up shenanigans. We’re here to make the joining journey as smooth as your post-workout smoothie!

What are the age restrictions at the Y Club?

Age is just a number, but we’ve got a few guidelines to keep the fitness fun safe and sound! Check out the lowdown on age restrictions:

Gym Age Restrictions:

14 & 15-year-olds can hit the gym but need a workout buddy – an adult 18+ to guide them on the equipment.

16 & 17-year-olds are free to conquer any facility solo. If they’re just visiting, they’re charged at the adult day rate of £14.

Sorry kiddos under 14, the gym awaits you in the future!

Swimming Age Restrictions:

Pool time for the kiddos aged 0-15 is a go, but they need a swim buddy – a competent 16+ swimmer by their side.

All under-16 champs must have an adult sidekick and no more than two under-8s to each adult hero. So, the parent-to-child superhero ratio is 1:3, as long as one is over 16.

Supervising adults, you’re the lifeguard on duty, especially for the little splashers under 8 and non-swimmers, sticking to the shallow end.

Arm bands and buoyancy aids are the water wings of choice – you can snag some cool arm bands at our reception.

Entering the Club – Age Restrictions:

Any cool kid with a Y Club membership card aged 0-15 can join the fitness fiesta, but they need a sidekick – an adult 18+ to guide them into the fun.

Child Entry Rates:

Aged 6-15 can jump into the fitness fun for £3.50.

Kiddos aged 0-5? They’re in for free only with members.

These rates rock during off-peak times – Mon-Fri before 5:30 pm, anytime Sat, Sun & bank holidays.

Day Pass Deets:

A day pass for £3.50 gets the little ones aged 0-15 pool time during off-peak days, but they need an adult 16+ by their side.

Saturdays are extra special – besides the pool, they get entry to junior wrestling and fives, as long as their adult sidekick is in tow.

We’re all about fun, fitness, and family-friendly vibes at the Y Club!

Can I have a look around the facility before joining?

We’d love to show you around our fitness wonderland before you dive in.

Book in for your VIP tour on the home page of our website for the ultimate planning vibes. Feeling spontaneous? No worries! Swing by, and we’ll make sure you get the grand tour on the spot. We’re all about making your fitness journey as exciting as an impromptu adventure!

General Club Information

What are your opening hours?

Here’s the scoop on when our fitness wonderland is open for business:

Normal Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 6.00 am – 10.00 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am – 7.00 pm
Sunday: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
But, keep an eye out – opening hours might do a little dance around Bank Holidays and for some behind-the-scenes operational magic.

Important Time Deets:

Last entry to the club is 1 hour before we pull the curtains.

Physical activities take a bow ½ hour before closing time.

On weekdays, our off-peak champs can make their grand entrance until 3.45 pm but need to wrap up the fitness fun in the changing rooms and program areas by 4.30 pm.

Special Surprises:

Sometimes, the facilities might take a breather for a bit due to some awesome YMCA fundraising events.
We’re here to make sure your fitness journey fits into your schedule, with a sprinkle of surprises now and then!

What are the peak and off-peak hours?

We’ve got two awesome flavors to choose from – Peak and Off-Peak! Here’s the breakdown:

Off-Peak Hours:

Monday to Friday: 06:00 am – 3:45 pm
All day Saturday
All day Sunday

Peak Memberships:

Unleash the full fitness experience! Peak memberships give you the golden key to access the facilities during the entire opening hours. It’s like having an all-access pass to the fitness fun, all day, every day!

Whether you’re an early bird or a weekend warrior, we’ve got the perfect membership to match your vibes!

What is the last time I can enter the club?

Let’s talk about the grand finale of the fitness fiesta! Here’s the lowdown on the last call:

Monday to Friday:

Doors close at 21:00.
Gym and pool bid farewell at 21:30.
You’ve then got 30 minutes until 22:00 to wrap up your fitness journey and head home, only the changing rooms are open between 21:30-22:00.
All members, superheroes of the gym, must make their grand exit by 22:00.

Late Night Escape:

If you’re burning the midnight fitness oil after 21:00, you’ll need to exit through the hotel. The gym section’s double doors, near the water fountain, have a secret code. Type it in, use the stairs, and voila! Exit through the hotel and onto Liverpool Rd.

Parking Wisdom:

If you’re grabbing a parking ticket after 21:00, snag it from the hotel reception.


Doors close at 18:00 for the last entry.
Gym and pool take their final bow at 18:30.


Doors close at 17:00 for the last entry.
Gym and pool gracefully exit the stage at 17:30.
We’re all about making sure your fitness finale is smooth and stress-free!

Can I pay in cash?

We’ve gone cashless, but don’t worry, we’ve got a few options to keep things smooth:

Sadly, we can’t dance with cash for memberships, snagging goodies from the vending machine, or splurging on swimming merch. So make sure you’ve got your card or can pay on your phone!

The only exception? £1 coins! If you’re cruising into the car park, we’re happy to take those golden coins to keep your wheels rolling smoothly.

We’re all about convenience, so let’s keep the cashless vibe going and make your fitness journey hassle-free!

Do you have personal trainers available?

We’ve assembled a fantastic squad of personal trainers ready to take your fitness journey to new heights. Beyond being fitness wizards, they’re also great conversationalists, so feel free to reach out if you’re curious about one-on-one training sessions.


Your fitness journey is as unique as you are, and our trainers get that. They’ll work their magic to create a personalized fitness program and toss in a nutritional plan designed exclusively for you – think of it as having a fitness genie in your corner!

Our trainers bring a variety of specialties to the table, and prices vary. Get the full scoop on their expertise and rates by checking out their profiles on the personal trainer page on our website.

Ready to level up? Dive into the profiles, discover your fitness match, and let the personalized fitness magic begin!

Can I have an induction before I train?

Yes you can, we’ve got the scoop on inductions! While they’re not mandatory, we’re all about making you feel right at home. Here’s the deal:

Optional Inductions:

If you’re keen to get the lowdown on the machines or figure out where to kick off your fitness journey, you’re in luck!

Free 1-Hour Session:

Book a free 1-hour induction session with one of our friendly personal trainers. They’ll be your fitness guide, helping you navigate the gym terrain and get the most out of your workouts.

How to Book:

Swing by the reception, and we’ll hook you up with all the details. Availability is the name of the game, so let us know when you’re ready to dive in, and we’ll make it happen.

Inductions are all about setting you up for success, so let’s get you started on the right foot (or left, depending on your workout preference)!

Do you have wifi in the gym?

We’ve got your connection covered. Here’s the lowdown on gym WiFi:

Stay Connected:

Yes, we’ve got WiFi, because we know the best workouts often come with a killer playlist or the latest podcast episode.

How to Get Connected:

Head over to the reception, and our friendly team will hand you the keys to the virtual kingdom – the username and password to keep you connected and cruising through your workout.

Stay connected, stay pumped, and let’s rock those reps!

What are the gym rules?

We’ve got a few ground rules to keep the fitness vibes positive and the atmosphere buzzing. You can catch all the details on the gym rules by checking out the posters on the walls. For a virtual sneak peek, click here to view the gym rules. Let’s make sure our fitness journey is not only effective but also fun and respectful for everyone!

Is my personal information secure?

Your personal information is as secure as a fortress! Here’s the lowdown on our commitment to keeping your data safe:


We’re on top of our game with GDPR rules and regulations, ensuring that your personal information is handled with the utmost care and in full compliance with data protection standards.

Top-notch Security:

Your data security is our priority. We operate with the highest levels of security to safeguard your information and provide you with peace of mind.

What We Collect:

When you jump on board with a membership, we may collect and process certain personal data to ensure your fitness journey is as smooth as possible. This can include your name, address, contact details, gender, date of birth, attendance history, marketing preferences, and bank details for billing. Some data may also be collected automatically through the use of our website.

Rest assured, your information is in good hands, and we’re committed to creating a secure and trustworthy fitness environment for you!

Do you have a lost property?

We certainly do! Here’s the lowdown on our lost property:

Lost and Found Magic:

Any items discovered or handed in get logged and find a cozy spot at the lost property haven, patiently waiting to be reunited with their owner.

Time Limit:

Lost items get to chill in the lost property lounge for up to 7 days. After that, it’s off to a new adventure – they’ll be donated to charity.

Help Us Help You:

If you misplace something in the fitness hustle, give us a heads-up ASAP. We’ll dive into the lost and found treasure trove and see if we can rescue your belongings.

Locker Love:

While we do our best to play matchmaker with lost items, it’s always a good idea to use the lockers provided. We can’t be gym guardians for your personal property, but we’ve got the lost and found game on lock!

Let’s keep the fitness vibes positive, and if you lose something, we’ll do our best to help you find it!

How can I contact you about something else?

We’re just a message away. Here’s how you can reach out to us for anything else:

Social Media:

Feel like sliding into our DMs? Hit us up on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @YClubManchester. We’re social butterflies and always up for a chat!


Shoot us an email at membership@yclub.org.uk. We’re ready to tackle any questions or concerns you might have.


Give us a ring at 0161 837 3535. Our friendly team is on standby to assist you.

However you choose to reach out, we’re here to make sure your fitness journey with us is top-notch!

What is gym etiquette?

We’re all about creating a positive and respectful gym environment. Here’s a quick rundown of our gym etiquette:

1. Re-Rack Those Weights:

After unleashing your inner Hulk, be a hero and put those weights back where they belong. It’s a gym, not a scavenger hunt!

2. Politeness is the Key:

A smile goes a long way! Be courteous and friendly to your fellow gym-goers. We’re all on this fitness journey together!

3. Respect Personal Space:

Like in a dance, give others their space. Avoid invading personal workout territories – it’s the gym tango.

4. Machine TLC:

Show some love to the machines you’ve conquered. Give them a wipe-down after use to keep the fitness vibes clean and fresh.

5. Dress the Part:

Rock your fitness style, but keep it appropriate. Let’s avoid any accidental fashion faux pas!

Remember, we’re a fitness family, and good gym etiquette makes the workout experience enjoyable for everyone. Let’s sweat it out with respect and positivity!

Can I change the studio lights and music?

We’ve got the studio vibes under control. Here’s the scoop:

Lights and Music Magic:

The studio lights and music system are in the hands of our awesome staff members. They’ve got the magic touch to set the perfect atmosphere.

Studio Customization:

If you’ve got a specific vibe in mind or want to make any adjustments in the studio, just give one of our staff members a heads-up. They’re here to ensure your workout environment is exactly how you like it.

Your fitness experience, your way! Just let us know, and we’ll make the studio dance to your fitness rhythm!

Gym Facilities

Do you have a sauna, steam room and pool?

We’ve got the ultimate relaxation zone covered. Here’s the lowdown on our sauna, steam room, and pool:

Pool Perfection:

Dive into our 18m length pool! It’s a watery wonderland with a shallow end at 0.91m and a deep end at 1.8m. Splash, swim, or just float your worries away!

Sauna and Steam Room Bliss:

Our main sauna and steam room are a mixed haven of warmth and relaxation, easily accessed from poolside. It’s the perfect post-workout treat or mid-week unwind.

Exclusive Women’s Sauna:

Ladies, we’ve got a special treat for you! There’s a second sauna nestled in the women’s changing room. Catch it from 09:00-12:00 Mon-Fri and 17:00-21:30 Mon-Fri, closed on Saturdays, and from 08:00-17:30 on Sundays. It’s your personal oasis of calm.

Whether you’re after a refreshing dip, a steamy escape, or a relaxing sauna session, we’ve got you covered!

What do your free weights go up to?

We’ve got the heavy lifters covered! Here’s the lowdown on our free weights:

Dumbbell Domination:

Our dumbbells are pumped up to a whopping 50kg. Get ready to unleash your strength and conquer those workouts!

Plate Power:

For the plate enthusiasts, we’ve got plates reaching up to 25kg. It’s heavyweight territory, and we’ve got the goods to keep you challenged.

Bench Bonanza:

No need to wait in line! We’ve got plenty of benches, ensuring that you can hit those sets and reps without any delays.

Whether you’re aiming for gains or just love the feel of lifting heavy, we’ve got the weights and benches to keep your fitness journey strong!

How do the lockers work?

Lockers are your fitness sidekick, and here’s the lowdown on how they roll:

Locker Basics:

Our lockers are like fitness Fort Knox, requiring a £1 coin for access. Fear not if your pockets are coinless – we’ve got re-usable tokens available at reception for £2.

Token Power:

Forget the pound coin? No problem! Grab a re-usable token for a smooth locker experience.

Lost and Found Wisdom:

Keep track of your belongings! Lockers get a nightly cleanse, and any forgotten treasures are kept safe in the lost property treasure chest for one week. After that, they embark on a charity adventure.

Key Replacement Magic:

Lose your locker key on the fitness journey? No worries, but it’s a £12 charge to replace it.

Now you’re all set to lock and roll on your fitness adventure!

Are there changing room facilities and lockers?

Our changing rooms provide a comfortable space for both male and female members, equipped with essential amenities such as showers, toilets, lockers, and ample changing areas. Enhancing your post-workout experience, our changing rooms feature mirrors, hair dryers, swimming costume dryers, and benches. Lockers can be secured with a £1 coin, and for those who forget, we offer re-usable locker tokens at reception for £2. It’s all about making your fitness journey seamless and enjoyable, ensuring you have everything you need for a convenient and refreshing experience.

Is there disabled access?

Accessibility is a priority at the Y Club, ensuring everyone can enjoy our facilities. For wheelchair access, there’s a convenient ramp at Castlefield bowl. Alternatively, you can use the elevator accessible through the hotel. Inside, we’ve got you covered with accessible showers and toilets. If you ever need assistance during your visit, just give us a shout. We’re here to make your experience comfortable and inclusive!

Do you have a car park?

Navigating our car park is a breeze! Head to Potato Wharf behind the building, use the big black gates, and snag a ticket upon entry. To exit the car park, just swing by reception to grab your exit ticket after paying the £1 fee.

The car park, operated by Castlefield Hotel, offers a special deal for Y Club members. Enjoy up to 4 hours for just £1 while using our facilities. Psst… parking overnight incurs a £14 charge.

Quick tip: Always use the paper ticket to exit, so our counter accurately reflects available spaces. Abuse of parking perks? That’s a no-go. Non-payment equals a £7 day rate charge and, sadly, no club access until settled. Persistent issues? Membership termination might come knocking.

What happens if I forget my swimwear?

No swimwear? No worries! Swing by the reception area, and we’ve got you covered. From swimming costumes for men and women to hair caps, goggles (for both adults and kids), nose clips, and arm bands – we’ve got all your pool essentials. Just a heads-up, we’re a cashless crew, so bring your card or phone for a smooth dive into the aquatic fun!

Do you have a punching bag?

We’ve got your punching power covered. We have a dedicated room with a punching bag, accessible from the sports hall. If you’re ready to unleash some energy, just give a shout to our staff, and we’ll unlock the room for you. A quick note: the punch bag is up for grabs when there are no classes rocking the sports hall, so you can let loose and dominate your workout!

Can I play basketball in the sports hall?

Yes you can! Score some hoops in our sports hall! As a member, you get free access to basketball open sessions. Guests can join the fun too by paying £7.50 at reception. If you’re eyeing a spot on the Y Club Basketball Team, hit up an open session and chat with the coach.

For day-long b-ball adventures, the sports hall is your court when classes aren’t in session – availability pending. Members, it’s game on whenever you please! Guests, tag along with a member or snag the full day pass for £14 if there’s no open session. Let the basketball bonanza begin!

Can I hire a badminton court?

While we don’t offer badminton court hire, we’ve got something even better – free open badminton sessions (on the timetable) for members! Guests can jump in on the action too by paying a class pass of £7.50.

These badminton sessions are a hit, so early birds catch the shuttlecock! For Thursday, Friday, and Sunday sessions, arrive promptly and pop your name on the sheet to secure your spot. It’s game, set, match – and all the badminton fun you can handle!

Do you have water fountains in the gym?

Hydration is key, and we’ve got you covered. Free water fountains are sprinkled throughout the building, serving up refreshing cold water. Whether you’re in the weights section or hitting the changing rooms, stay cool and hydrated with ease!


Are classes included in the membership?

Classes are the cherry on top of your membership. All our classes are included, giving you a variety of options to spice up your fitness routine. Grab the timetable on your FitSense app or check it out on our website to plan your class adventures.

And hey, it’s not just classes – all membership types unlock the whole fitness wonderland for you. From the gym and pool to saunas, steam rooms, studio, sports hall, running track, and fitness clubs – it’s a full access pass to your ultimate fitness playground!

How do I sign up to a class?

Booking your spot in a class is a breeze! Simply hop onto the FitSense app, and you can easily sign up for all the classes. It’s a smart move, especially for popular ones like spin, where slots can fill up. Don’t miss out – secure your spot and get ready for a fantastic class experience!

What happens if I miss a class that I was booked onto?

No worries if plans change! If you can’t make it to a class you’ve booked, be a fitness superhero and use the FitSense App to cancel in advance. This opens up the spot for other eager members on the waiting list.

A little heads-up: regularly missing classes without cancelling might throw a curveball your way. So, keep that FitSense App handy, be considerate to fellow members, and let’s keep the fitness vibes strong!