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A 90-station gym with a variety of precor cardio, plate and pin-loaded strength and conditioning equipment, and a spacious stretching zone.

Strength & Conditioning

Squat rack, smith machine, flat benches, dumbbells up to 50kg, sled track and battle ropes along with the plate and pin loaded machines.


Assault runners and bikes, stairclimbers, ski-erg, and watt bikes along with the standard rowing machines, treadmills, AMTs and upright bikes.

Why should you Become a Member?

Here’s some of the benefits when you join the friendliest gym in Manchester: unlimited access to diverse activities, expert guidance, and unparalleled value. Start your journey today.

90-station Precor gym cardio and strength and conditioning equipment

Glide into our 18-metre pool for refreshing, invigorating swims

Unwind in our sauna and steam room for ultimate relaxation

Choose from a range of low to high-intensity group classes

Enjoy a 20% discount on food and drinks at our Castlefield Hotel