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A healthy lifestyle and its MANY benefits!

  Some of you may be asking yourself now, Why should I really even bother reading this? I already know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Well, do you really? Apart from the obvious reasons there are a lot more benefits to it. The aim of this blog is to really highlight the key factors… Read more »


The functional training rig is one of the latest additions to the Y Club. Located in the sports hall you will find our first ever rig alongside various equipment. You will notice we have a plyo box, heavy tyres, battle ropes, core bags, gymnastic hoops and many more pieces of equipment. This may seem a… Read more »

28 Day Stop Smoking Campaign & How Exercise Can Help

So it’s that time of year again, across the country smokers will be attempting to stub out their habit for Stoptober with all forms of E-cigarettes, chewing gum, patches, medication, hypnotherapy and the old fashioned cold turkey being trialled by millions. Here at the Y Club, we can provide you with two guarantees: 1 –… Read more »

Women Martial Artists.

Y Club Fitness Instructor and Martial Artist Bethanie Jardine talks about women and martial arts. Having trained Karate for 12 years and competed with all different levels of abilities, winning many fighting and kata titles I’ve written this to give my views on women martial artists. I had my first competition when I was an… Read more »

Women & Weights – Louis Homer

Since the beginning of the fitness and health boom, there has always been this overriding theory that women are confined to the ‘cardio zone’ whilst men are grunting away with all the heavy dumbbells. Even with the more recent shift in popularity and the monumental overload of hashtags on social media apps there is still… Read more »

Men’s Weightlifting

Weight-lifting will help us add both strength and size, and combined with a healthy eating and hydration regime, plenty of rest, appropriate mobility, core strength, and plenty of sleep it will support us towards better health, stronger bones, greater self confidence, improved concentration and alertness, and a more athletic and agile physique – perfect for… Read more »

HITT Training -The Pros and cons

Fitness Manager Nick discusses High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) There are many different forms of HIIT training. This kind of training has been around for a long time. Athlete’s track work,  cycling and boxing all use forms of HIIT in there training. HITT has become very fashionable in the past few years with workouts such as… Read more »

Exotic Superfruits

Everybody knows it is recommended to eat your 5 a day just to maintain your general health and get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Commonly people will more than likely have things like apples, oranges, pears and bananas in there day to day routines. There is no problem with that, however there are… Read more »

Freestyle Martial Arts!

  What is Freestyle Martial Arts? Many people will have a different view on what this type of martial art is and people will think that it’s just another type of self defence class and won’t really understand its true meaning! (Unless you come to the class and see for yourself!) Well let me try… Read more »