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A healthy lifestyle and its MANY benefits!

  Some of you may be asking yourself now, Why should I really even bother reading this? I already know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Well, do you really? Apart from the obvious reasons there are a lot more benefits to it. The aim of this blog is to really highlight the key factors… Read more »

Exotic Superfruits

Everybody knows it is recommended to eat your 5 a day just to maintain your general health and get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Commonly people will more than likely have things like apples, oranges, pears and bananas in there day to day routines. There is no problem with that, however there are… Read more »


Let’s talk about carbs in our diet. I get so many people coming for an induction and when I ask them what is their diet like most of them will say I don’t eat carbs …. WRONG! Let me tell you I tried a low carb diet myself and for me it had the completely… Read more »

Can’t Cook!?!

Y Club Personal Trainer Rich talks about can’t cook, won’t cook?? Like most of us in this fast paced society we seem to skimp on cooking when it comes to food! We tend to opt for the nearest takeaway or throw a ready meal into the microwave because it’s quick and easy and let’s face… Read more »