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Fix My Run


Run right!

Have you ever wanted to start running? Have you tried to run but been injured or demoralised at your progress? Are you looking to increase your running distances or get better times?

Run better, faster and more efficiently whilst reducing your injury risk, whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner.

Suffering from pain when you run?

We’ll help you run pain free!

We’ll work with you to establish the cause of the pain and deliver a rehabilitation programme that suits you. Our unique methodology will help you improve your technique allowing you to run pain and injury-free.


Our proven method

With the unique Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS)® methodology, we can get your body moving properly. You will learn to move more comfortably with greater confidence and more flexibility within six weeks. Some people, having thought they would never run again have managed to get back into racing. Other people told they needed surgery have been able to avoid the knife. Why not give it a try and see if we can help you improve your movement, increase your efficiency and maybe even run quicker.

Results in weeks

Alex & Joe are the first and only Running School Certified Running Technique Specialists in the North West and Manchester area and offer a “learn to run in six weeks” programme to get you off the ground. You can also sign up for six, twelve or eighteen-week programmes for improving technique, speed or a full marathon support package.

The six weeks will help to correct running technique and provide muscular reprogramming for correction of movement patterns that lead to injury. Whatever your starting point, we work with you to achieve your goals and give you the best platform for going forwards.

The programme is simple and fun and will help you get mobile and fitter, improve your speed and prevent injury.

At the first assessment we will analyse your running technique and functional movement, then we can start on rehabilitation and fixing any incorrect movement patterns. Six, weekly, hour-long sessions will help to turn you into the runner you want to become. Everyone can benefit from the individually targeted programme suitable for all levels.

We can also help accomplished runners gain speed and tune technique for injury avoidance with six, 12 or 18 week coaching blocks.

Children and adults can learn. If you have no experience or lots of experience, learning the correct technique will improve your efficiency. Running correctly will also reduce the risk of injury and increase speed. Most of all we can have fun and enjoy the training.

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