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International Stress Awareness Week

Today marks the start of International Stress Awareness Week.

Stress is part of life but depending on how you cope with it can take a toll on your well being. We’ve come up with some stress busting suggestions that can help you manage your stress levels.


Of course we’re going to advocate exercise as a stress busting activity but there’s science behind the suggestion. When you take part on some sort of physical activity your body releases feel good endorphins and boosts energy and improves sleep. Whether it’s a gym workout, swim or yoga session, exercise really is step 1 in stress management.


Eating a balanced and healthy diet and not reaching for the junk food can help you manage stress in a number of ways. Over or under eating is a common symptom of being stressed. Certain foods boost the brain calming chemical serotonin, whereas unhealthy foods can cause your blood sugar levels to spike which in turn can detrimentally affect your mood levels.


Getting a good night’s sleep can reduce the effects of stress. You are better equipped to deal with stress when you are well rested and not getting enough sleep can make stress worse. Following a regular sleeping pattern will improve concentration, improve your ability to deal with stress.


Mindfulness is the mental practice of being aware of yourself and the world around you. Being mindful helps you notice the effects of stress sooner. Mindlessness has been shown to lower blood pressure and strengthen immune system.

Different techniques work for different people. What do you do to combat the effects of stress?

If you would like to know more about our stress busting classes or workouts then get in touch.

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